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lions cut CB TERRY FAIR (merged)


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what about terry Fair ?

what about him ? I think he could be a solid 3rd back and he could help us with the Detroit D one Week 1 ,although we wont need that help anyways but i think he could be good , but i want buckley back now.

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lions cut CB TERRY FAIR

just saw on espnnews that he was cut...he is a good cb but i think he had some injury problems...he also returns kicks...he may be a better alternative than buckley because he is younger...
He's been hurt all preseason and I believe hasn't even played yet at all.

He's likely done due to a foot injury...I just want to reiterate I don't think anyone will be brought in to be the 3rd back for us...I think they're just bringing in a vet for depth.
i believe if they bring in buckley ,beeing familiar with our system he will replace fletcher before week 3

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T-Buck doesn't have the history of injuries that Fair does. T-Buck is a Super Bowl champion.
Originally posted by Muck
T-Buck doesn't have the history of injuries that Fair does. T-Buck is a Super Bowl champion.

I just wonder if Wannspiel want to bite on a guy who bit them in the a$$!:fire:
if you thought you had a chance to start in tampa wouldnt you go there instead of a place with two of the top 10 corners in the league
I wouldn't mind Fair over Buckley ........
either one i don't care. we need alittle better veteran depth. now TBuck has played with our guys and fit in fairly well. he is a proven veteran. we will pick a veteran corner up and they will hope he turns out to be a great plug like cousins was......
Fair has a rare foot injury that has not healed at all think the Lions would have released him otherwise?

Anyway the injury may end his career, obviously he should not be our guy.
i can't believe i was wrong about Femi i swear if he was a rookie with a rookie salary they would have kept him or if they didn't lose so much money on mayes, smith and searcy in a few days time. whamo their goes over a million of cap money for some new faces. you can really whine...Smith's cap number is over a million.

But of course all their numbers have been factored in the whole time so we really only lose whatever the combined salaries of the players we kept in their spots...(ie not much)
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