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List of quotes about Saban


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Nov 27, 2004
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  • Past performance is basically the best predictor of future performance. In the case of Coach Saban, he clearly had success at both Michigan State and LSU. SS
  • Developing your own players is going to help in the future because still, the best quality, the best value you have are the players that you get in the draft. To be able to teach and develop those players to be contributors I think is a real asset in any organization and to have the best quality staff would obviously give the best opportunity to do that." Saban
  • Asked what a Dolphins season-ticket holder should expect this season, Saban said: "Our fans should expect a dominant organization and team, long-term, that will be a consistent winner. That doesn't address what next year's team will be like. If we compromise the future of the franchise, relating to the salary cap and draft picks, we might be able to win a game or two more next year. But we might not be able to be a consistent, winning team long-term. PFW
  • "What I'd rather see our fans expect this year is that we have an overachieving team. A team that plays hard, gives effort, competes like mad dogs out there. If we can do that, we'll win every game we're supposed to win, we'll win a few that we're not, and maybe if we're fortunate with injuries, we can get in the playoffs." Saban PFW
  • The year before Saban's arrival, the Browns allowed the most points in the N.F.L. In Saban's last season in Cleveland, the Browns allowed the fewest. PFW
  • The common denominator? If it's not about winning, it's not in his office. Hyde SS
  • He doesn't like being boxed into one coaching camp or as one guy's disciple, because he's been around too long and seen too much for that. Hyde SS
  • Saban rubs the media the wrong way and scares the heck out of his players. Prisco
  • Party time is over in Miami. Prisco

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