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Listen To The Official Miami Dolphins Radio Station


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Sep 2, 2001
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Just to let everyone know, you can listen in on WQAM Sports Radio by clicking on the link. Currently, they are giving some great information on scrimmages, players, and much more. Check it out and save it to your favorites!
Nah... I just hand to post a thread so that would appear on the main page... thus people that don't visit the board still get to listen in :)
Yeay!!! Mad Dog calling the game. Been waiting to hear him call a game for a while. Too bad ol' Zimpf and their anymore.
Do you know where Bill Zimpfer is right now....I mean what is he doing now that he isn't calling the Phins games....
Miami Dolphin Radio Station

Good Day,

So I went to the site and listened in (between 9am & 10am EST) and all I heard was banter that was completely unrelated to Sports (pick your worst movie of all time).

Am I missing something? Is this a Sports station?
I expected sport related content and more importantly Dolphin info.

Can anyone in the Miami area enlighten me?

Thanks and be gentle, I'm a rookie!
tune in between 1-3 P.M Jim slot on week days..........
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