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Little different league


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Jul 21, 2002
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I'm in Sandbox which is a little diff league as some may know. They include D players at positions and have sacks and Int as well as tackles included for points. Also a category is return yards and that must be included as well.

I have questions on my team. I'm weak at RB if injuries are factored in. I've got James, Jamal Lewis, Pittman, Henry, Barlow.
WR-Bruce,Mason(for return yards),Brown,Rod Smith.
K-Martin Gramatica
LB-Ray Lewis,Zach Thomas

My questions are this:These guys are available and who (if anyone) should I let go to get them.
RB-noone, I picked up Lewis and Pittman
WR-Keyshawn and Moulds
TE-Eric Johnson
DL-Kearse,Simeon Rice,Little,Sapp
LB-I'm set there!
DB-many guys available.

Let me know opinions, remember all the diff cats in head to's important to have balance. I think I'll let Fiedler go and pick up Bledsoe.
I think I'll let Fiedler go and pick up Bledsoe.

That's exactly what I was going to say.....i think Fiedler will have a good season but, I would be surprised if he throws for more TD's than Bledsoe.....

I would take Moulds over R Smith too.....isn't Smith coming off an injury also?
An ankle injury yes. I decided to let Henry go and picked up Keyshwan.

It's H-H so I don't have to worry about dominating cats just going for as many pts as I can get.

I got Edge and Jamal off the waivers because guys are so scared they'll get hurt again...well that's a chance I have to take as it just fell where I wasn't going to get any RB's of value where I was picking and I figured they'd let Edge fall out of draft the way they were talking.(of course Rhodes hadn't gotten hurt yet.) I think I'll finish 3rd or so as one guy has RW,Martin,and a killer WR core.
i would pick up Vick, Moulds, Sapp.
drop Wistron, Fiedler, Griese.
You'll have 2 solid Qb, Vick could be what daunte was 2 year ago AWSOME. 5 recievers i think MOULDS will break out from last year slump with bledsoe and rack some big numbers, Sapp can have that fire in him with gruden that could lift his game.
Well I reread the scoring and you get the most pts for tackles on D so I picked up another LB and got Kearse as well in case he has a monster year.

INT are very hurtful s I'm gonna stay away from Vick and Jay. I picked up Bledsoe and Keyshawn. I have crazy depth at WR and may just play them all except for one RB in James.
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