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little vick


Apr 3, 2005
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Marcus Vick(mikes brother) was named the starting qb for virginia tech this year after begin suspeneded, do u think this guy will ever live up to be like his brother?
If he keeps his head straight he'll be better then his brother. According to Mike, Marcus Vick is a better athlete. However he has to keep his head straight.
I watched him two years ago when he split time with Bryan Randall. He has the same type of arm strength (although he's right-handed) and similar elusiveness. He didn't seem quite as elusive as Mike was (and has been). He is fast though.

The thing that I saw was that he was definitely not where he needed to be mentally. There have been a lot of knocks on Mike about his mental part of his game. But, Marcus is not even where Mike was when he was at this stage in his career.

I'm hoping the year off will really prove to be a blessing for him. He did show sparks of having great talent. But, the verdict is out on whether he can focus that talent and really improve.
Vick is a million dollar talent with a ten cent head. And i wonder about Beamer considering he had Vick and Randall splitting time when all Randall did was make plays and win. He totally screwed up any kind of rhythm Randall could have had by inserting Vick in.

VT will come back to earth this year. Vick isnt the man to lead them.
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