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Locker room material!!!!

LMAO...that is any of those guys were the reason they are sporting the rings in the first place.

Huard, was the third string QB. Izzo was a special teams guy, and Rugamer...ummm...ok
Hahah. I loved hearing about how the Raiders staged a walkout on their mandatory meeting with Mike Carey in protest of the tuck ruling made last year in the playoffs...and Terrance Shaw walked out with them. Lawyer Milloy asked him if he had his super bowl ring in his pocket as he walked out with the rest of the Raiders in protest to what they deemed an unfair loss to the Patriots, a squad which Shaw was on last year when they won the super bowl. LMAO!
Huard, who moaned and complained when he was demoted to the third string, has absolutely no basis to say anything to anyone. Huard and Rugamer are lucky to even be in the NFL. Izzo is good but not a play-maker.

Those three should be counting their blessings that the team one or maybe lucked (Tuck Rule?) into a Superbowl and they got to watch it upclose from the bench.
Umm...I thought Reugamer was a starter on that offensive line for the whole year. Guess I was wrong.

Huard actually moaned when he was demoted to 3rd string in favor of Tom Brady. Then Tom Brady went to the pro bowl. Hahah.
THAT'S GOOD!!!! I hope they hang that picture up in the locker room for all to see. Fuel to the fire, that's the way I look at it. I'm sure Ruegemar, Huard and Izzo will be "marked" when we play them; if they ever get on the field to play...LMAO!
That sucks...but I LMAO anyway :lol: I'm sure ZT was the first to get a picture from Izzo after the Super Bowl; from what I remember those two were pretty close.
That is a great joke to pull on someone, especially when you know they'd kill for a ring. Haha I'd love to get that picture, has classic written all over it!!!
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