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Look at the schedule


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Dec 12, 2001
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Not one offense on our schedule will create the match up problems that KC created for us today. Buffalo will be the closest, but their TE is good, but not nearly as athletic as Gonzo, and they don't have the running game that will keep our d honest like KC does. Every other team doesn't have the luxury of having an all-pro WR, RB, and TE. I doubt we will see any where near these points scored against this d again.
Having started this season thinking we might have a shot at the big game...

... it's no great comfort to me, that we might not give away so many points down the line. We have to start winning against fellow playoff prospects, whether they have the best TE, probowl linemen. Otherwise we can give up now and say we've made no progress.

On to the Pats, I hope the coaches watch how San Diego beat them last night. They rushed and rattled Brady so that he looked ordinary. Clearly we need to develop a pass rush by Sunday.

On KC, I remember reading some predictions which placed them in the likely to do well this season category and I dismissed them. However, I now have to grudgingly admit that they may succeed this season and that they are in the strongest looking division so far (no losses for the other three teams).

Both the wildcards could come from the AFC West if they can keep it going and that makes beating the Pats and winning the division even more important.
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PS I almost forgot about KC's all pro o-line.

Clearly this was one of the problems...If we hadnt gave Green all the time in the world, then he would of not made all those throws.
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