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Looked a whole lot like 2001 team


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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  • no run game
  • no run D
  • great pass D
  • some nice passing game
I liked our second team O line a whole lot better than our 1st, but I have to go back and watch the tape cause I was following the ball to much.

I think Zach said it best, "we don't want to show to much to early".

Nails looked good and so did McMichael. Of course, Lucas and Baker were the stars on O. Wally was something else rushing the passer.
Originally posted by dolphan39
  • no run game
  • no run D
  • great pass D
  • some nice passing game

I admit ...the run D did look flat, but did you hear what Zach said? They weren't showing all the 8 man fronts or blitz packages they've been working on... Hopefully, when it counts, it'll come together....
As for the Run O... I maintain that by letting Ricky pound it out for more than a few minutes, that will start looking better...
Pass D was good, some mistakes on coverage, and a few missed tackles after the catch ... who was that that missed the tackle on the pass over the middle?
Passing game looked good while Ray was in... I wasn't even slightly impressed by Kustok... granted it's his first NFL game.... but he looked weak and lost.... Jay didn't really have the chance to do much, but he didn't seem "stiff" like I sort of expected after the surgery...
Ogun looked awesome... Baker looked great, McKnight held on to the ball.... all positive IMHO!
The 1st OL isn't doing the job right now..Some of the 2nd will have to be moved up..the passing game looked solid..Man we have some recievers this..only the numbers crunch will cut them..Simmons one PR..he looked like Odgen..Not a good start for him..Albert Johnson looked better..How do we keep Baker, AJ, and Ogden??? This is a tough call for the Coaches this year..Way more talent than last year..
I see a good team in all of what we saw tonight..To great D's and 2 learning O's...We will be good by practicing against our D and Tampa's plus the Titans D is no slouch..So we're be Okay..Once the O forgeet the mental and become the O.
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