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Looking back and forward....


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Sep 3, 2001
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Was feeling a little nostalgic today and started looking at archives from message boards of the past. Names like PhinsFreakinClearH2O, Ohall, FFiB, JHary, Boomer, Krimmie, mktimber, BigBry, jcthekid, Ozzy, TikiBoy, NiteG (aka NiteGames) and so many more. Those of us that were back in the Dolphin DIgest days, started Dolfanstalk.net (later .com) and had our own other sites (like my MiamiDolphinsChatZone.com). The old days when Andrew told me he was creating his own site (our home here) and wanted me to partner up with him. I didn't but was still one of the OG's here. Sure, I haven't posted as much as I would like but the one thing that hasn't changed is those relationships over the years. The smack talking. The good times. The bad times. We have seen it all together.

Why do I mention this? Because this franchise, right now, has me thinking back to those days. Days when we weren't great but there was hope there on the horizon. We knew a certain QB's days were numbered but we also knew that we were drafting some coal and forging diamonds. Seeing what Flores and Grier are doing right now has me thinking back to those days and thinking that we are positioning ourselves to reload rather than rebuild. To have a coach that can not only get us to that hump but get us over. To have a team we can rally behind, though we never really have not done that, knowing that being down isn't the end of the game but just the beginning. To have the ability to shut down the best. To have corners who are blankets. To have those guys that can turn on the jets while burning the Jets. To having a font line that can disrupt and get after the QB. To a QB that is maturing and working his butt off to be the leader we have been striving to have for so many years. So much happening.

This draft was the best of the best. Sure, we missed out on some players we really wanted. However, what we did is we set the clock back to a time when we were exciting....we were fun to watch...we were on the edge of our seats....we knew we were never out of a game....we believed!

Seeing the speed we will put out there with Waddle and Fuller, along with DVP give me hope that any play can be THAT play. Having Long and Gesicki splitting seams and high pointing those tough throws....you just know if it is a hands reach they will get to it. Having a QB fear for his life because he has no clue who or what is coming on any given down. Having our QB feel even more confident in guys being able to get open, run after the catch and open up the field from the backfield to the endzone. Sure, we could use some more studs. KC and Cleveland might be the only 2 that can say....nah, we are all good now. Other than that...we will always want more and we aren't wrong to think that. But I am fully trusting the FLOcess at this point and loving what I am seeing us build. Especially in looking at how we are matching up game for game with our opponents.

Speaking of that, the one thing this draft told me was that we weren't building this with no reason in mind. Grier and Flores came away from last season, seeing where we were in comparison to Buffalo, and said...what will it take to beat those guys and win the East? The roster we have put together through trades, FA and the draft has put us in that position to know that we are in a good place to give the Bills a serious run for the division. Do we still have to worry about NE? Hell yes! Do we have to worry about the Jets? I wouldn't sleep on them. But at the end of the day, we are positioned to make a positive change in our future and that future starts now.

(climbing off my soapbox)
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