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Looks like Alstott is headed for the door

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Mar 10, 2002
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Buccaneers: Alstott to be traded?; Hanspard signs

by Fanball Staff - Fanball.com
Tuesday, March 26, 2002

"With Michael Pittman in the house, the Bucs are reportedly thinking about dealing fullback Mike Alstott. A Bucs' official told the Tampa Tribune that "they would like to restructure Alstott's contract in an effort to trade him." The Bucs also signed Byron Hanspard on Monday. Hanspard hasn't played football in two years.

Don't be surprised if Alstott gets dealt soon. He is due to get a $1.8 million bonus on April 15. Additionally, the Bucs need draft picks to replace the ones they gave up to get Jon Gruden."

I'm not the biggest Bucs fan in the world but I think he's a great player and would hate to see him leave.:(
I don't think the Bucs will draw too much interest for Alstott. He's too much of a "tweener" and is really overrated IMO. He doesn't block well enough to be a true FB. And he's not shifty or quick enough to be an every-down RB.

Yeah, he's a beast and a load to bring down. But so are a lot of other backs. He ain't no Ricky Williams. He ain't no Jerome Bettis. Alstott will not last a full season as the workhorse/single back. He's simply overpriced and overrated.

Like Mandich said, "He's a $4 million a year FB who won't block".
I think they'll do well, granted they fix that interior OL. I really think they're gonna be tough. Not a Super Bowl team, but a playoff team.
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