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Looks like it's Miami and Nebraska


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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Can you believe it? :eek: They said it on NFL Primetime and it was shown on the update ticker at the bottom of ESPN...Well, time to prepare guys :D
I just think it's totally rediculous how they got there anyways :rolleyes: :yell:
Nebraska Who , more bcs shame!!

The Hurricanes are going to crush Nebraska. :cool:

On a much sadder note the (bs) oops the (bcs) has showed that it is a waist of money and time again by putting Nebraska ahead of A team that kicked the living crap out of them just a few weeks ago. so:monkey: on the powers that are responsible for the (bcs) It is time for a college playoff system period!!!!!
I'm for that, a playoff system

I'm sure the Colorado fans are extra pissed, 'cause they beat the Cornsuckers 62-36 earlier in the season. Kind of reminds you of last year when the Canes got shafted after beating FSU and not going for the Championship. Come January 3rd, the Hurricane Corn-Popper :eat: is gonna go nonstop. Should be a great game, might have to get some champagne for this one.:cool:
Playoffs are necessary. Maryland, Illinois, and Oregon all lost only one game, won a big conference, and aren't gonna see roses. BYU only lost one game, and if they didn't lose against Hawaii, they would have good reason to be pissed, as they weren't even going to see a BCS game! I think we need a 16 team playoff, including the champions of the big 6 conferences, the winner of 2 of the following 4 conferences: WAC, Mountain West, Conference USA and MAC. The other 8 teams would be at large bids. This would get two of the smaller college teams available, and 14 other teams. The smaller colleges would then get a chance of winning it all, and wouldn't be punished because of the crappy conferences that they are in.
Guys it really doesn't matter who is there against the Canes. Whoever would have gone and lost and another thing it could be a long time before we lose again maybe 2005 after Frank Gore is gone .......... he will be the best running back in the nation for the next few years as long as the NFL doesn't snatch him away..............and as for the Cornhuskers bbbbbbllllllllloooooooowwwwwwwww oooooooouuuuutttttttttt
there is one month............

from the end of the season til new years, they should do something. although financially it might be tough on some schools, but i'm sure they would sell out their stadium. getting reservations for a hotel around new years and at xmas time might be a little tough too, if you only had a week to work on it! :rolleyes:
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