Lounge Champ For 2018

Lounge Champion 2018

  • Ben

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • NY

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • FFIC

    Votes: 9 24.3%
  • BobDole

    Votes: 10 27.0%
  • Crump

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • superphin

    Votes: 11 29.7%

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Lounge champion

This award is for the person you feel contributed the best quality, originality, informative posts and/or something that made you feel they are deserving of the award for 2018 for posts in the Lounge forum. Humor is a must for this category.

This one is special to me and I'm thrilled we have six outstanding candidates to carry on the tradition former champions Bumpus , John and myself have tried to maintain over the last 8 years and that means instead of a simple popularity poll we decide this award with a true March Madness style battle and which means a true knock down , drag out , anything goes fight for this title.

This years nominees are as follows

Ben Had - Ben kept us in stitches with hilarious posts in the Random Images thread and his Back Yard Adventures thread was so good it's up for Thread of the Year. Also one hell of a fisherman and a great family man as well.

( Fin Fan In Cali ) - John won this last year and always puts on a great battle. John is also up for Man of the Year. Terrific guy and poster who always brings great music , funny posts and smoking hotties in the Lounge and Ladies lounge as well.

NY8123 - Terrific guy who's Dumb Crooks thread is still one of the funniest in the Lounge. NY was in the final 4 in March madness in 2017 and always plays to win. Truly a man's man and a mainstay of the Lounge.

Bob Dole - Brother Bob has been a great poster on this site for many years. He was excellent poster in the Critics Corner , Lounge and the site in general in 2018. One of my favorite posters who always tells it like it is. The guy can cook. Check out some of his work in Ben's cooking thread

Crump - It's a real pleasure to have Crump back posting in the lounge. One of the funniest guys on the site and one hell of a cook as well. Posted tons of great pictures this year and had some excellent input in the lounge in general

superphin - We just call him super and that he has been in the lounge in 2018. Gave the March Madness Champ NBP all he could handle in their terrific battle last year. A fantastic addition to the group and a threat to win this award every year going forward.

Without further ado let the battle begin

There may be adult themed entertainment posted in this thread. If that is not your thing or you have kids around or are at work while you are viewing best to just pick a name and not view the entire thread

This vote will end Monday Jan 28th at 5 PM
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