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Discussion in 'General NFL Forum' started by jenniferbtheberge13, May 27, 2018.

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    And many of us do, then once again I have to stress the importance of joining VIP, and/or donating a few dollars to keep this thing going. Folks the ad servers and few VIP and donators we do have do NOT cover the cost of keeping the lights on. There is a very real danger that this place could turn off the lights and leave us forever, what we've built here as a community is nothing short of amazing, and something i've been proud to support for years of my life.
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    I was actually pretty lit Saturday and was halfway through a post myself in VIP talking about how much I loved the guys and how they were my family. i think i paused for a minute to smoke, hard to type on phone, drink, and smoke a cig unless i grow 3 hands (i do all three too fast to alternate), by the time i was done with the cig and took my 2 minute break from the alcohol i was like hmmmm, they'll know im drunk, but as soon as all my vacations are over this summer ima donate, don't want to risk spending any of the wifes shopping money
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    nice msg, but odd the person posting it only has this post
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    no idea where you've been op. but thank you for loving finheaven.

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