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Dec 12, 2001
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We just found out that Jay is out at least 4 weeks, but probably more. It is a tough loss, but you have to make the most out of any situation. Here are some positives I can see:

1. Obviously Ray is not your average back up. He has had alot of time with this offense since Jay went down in training camp. He has been in the league for 5+ years so this isn't a unproven rookie. He has looked great in his limited time with the Jets and in preseason this past year. The most important factor is he is basicly the same style QB that Jay is; thus, the offense doesn't have to change and your o-line and wrs don't have to adapt as much when the QB brings a different style.

2.Dave can easily avoid a lockerroom tearing contraversy. Jay's inury could keep him out 4-10 weeks, so if Ray is playing good then Dave just sais Jay isn't 100 percent, and he can let Ray finsish the season. If Ray isn't performing then Jay can likely get on the feild in 4-6 weeks giving this team a burst for Dec.

3.Dave said it himself that this offense will not change 1 bit with Ray at the helm. He is confident Ray brings everything that Jay brings to the feild. I would have to take it 1 further. I think this offense will open up a bit. Norv loves to throw the deep ball to catch the d commiting to the run. He took his shots early in the year, but didn't have any sucsess with the deep pass, and they have been reducing the big shots as the weeks go on. Ray brings a much better deep ball to the offense. He has a much stronger arm that lets his wrs run under the ball making the WR be the only one with a shot to catch it. Jay tends to put to much touch on his deep ball making Norv hold his breath every time he called a deep pass. Chambers and Mcknight have the speed to make this work, i would have to expect at least 2 40 yard plays in the passing game as long as Lucas is the QB.

*Disclaimer* I am by no means happy that Jay is out. I am actully turning in to a big Feidler fan, but you have to make the most out of what ever hand you are dealt.
I forgot 1:

4. The next 3 games we play some mediocre defenses, especialy against the run. The Bills, Packers, and Jets all are near the bottom in rushing yards allowed. Ricky should average 150 yards in this stretch makeing things a little easier for Ray.
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