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Madden Is SOOOOOO Funny, LMAO


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
He said we got no stars? I mean, he did do all those NFC games, has he heard of Ricky Williams? LMAO, damn he is a moron. Think ABC has a job opening for me?
Don't blame Madden. When you get as old as he is, you tend to forget things, like that there is an AFC division in the NFL. Seriously though, I've been saying this for a while, Madden is so biased against the AFC, its ridiculous. This is just another thing that proves my point......
They decided to go with someone who knows less about AFC football than Dennis Miller....
I'm glad they dumped Miller. He wasn't funny at all, and a lot of the times, just made himself look like an ass. On the bright side, MNF will have awesome commentary when NFC teams play, and eventually, once Madden sees a couple AFC games, they will have good commentary as well. It'll all work out in the end......
besides ricky, are zack and sam a couple of never weres? hey fatboy, just cause they're not the rams or the cowboys of the early 90's, it doesnt mean they suck...49 points, ram that up your cruiser
Madden is so funny!! When I listen to some of the things he says's I about die laughing. Remember in the SB last year when he thought the Patriots should kneel the ball and play for over time? Madden is so dumb, he needs to retire.
His commentary on Madden 2002 and 2003 really bugs me to. "The reciever can't catch it if they knock it down" NO KIDDING YOU FREAK!!!
Why was my reply "He did not say there are NO stars , he said there are not ALOT of stars, wich is correct" removed from this topic?
Originally posted by Phinnish
Why was my reply "He did not say there are NO stars , he said there are not ALOT of stars, wich is correct" removed from this topic?

Another topic, same point.. they should be combined

I am glad some of you guys see what I saw years ago!! His ALL-MADDEN teams have always been NFC dominated because he did most games in the NFC!! BULL!! You are an NFL announcer, you must pick from BOTH conferences!! I just never liked him as an ANNOUNCER!! I think the NEW MONDAY NIGHT is boring and DRY!!!
Bring back Don Meredith! (is he alive?)

"Turn out the lights..."

just cause they're not the rams or the cowboys of the early 90's, it doesnt mean they suck

That says it all MVP! This guy is an official fan of whatever NFC team dominated. You think he's leavin' it behind 'cause the AFC is winning the SB's now?

I remember he and Summerall jabbering about how Favre should be MVP of that SB the Pack one, even though Favre didn't do that great but Desmond Howard scored 2 touchdowns (no O required). Yet again, they were mumbling something about Dilfer deserving MVP when the Ravens won.

Dilfer? :lol:

I've kinda grown accustomed to Thanksgiving with that 8 legged turkey (or how ever many legs it's up to now), though. :D
Besides Sam, Zach, RW, JT, T.Bowens, CChambers, R.McMicheal, P. Surtain,T.Wade, OG, R.Edwards, Ogunleye,B.Marion, A .Freeman,N.Turner, M.Dixon........other han that hes right we dont have stars.
I thought Dennis Miller was coming around towards the end of last season. I'm probably in the minority here, but I think he would've fit in well with Madden and Michaels.
People, he was right, we don't have a lot of stars. RW is a star, Zach and JT are stars, so is Sam Mad....that is about it when you look at stars and REAL star power. The rest of our players just aren't stars.

Stop being ridiculous, I mean I saw Adewale Ogunleye mentioned as a star up there, and Bowens, Freeman, McMichael....Wade, Edwards....they are hardly stars, I mean most people in the NFL don't even know who half those guys are....and u are calling them stars? Unreal.

Surtain, Marion, and Chambers are a level below stardom....with the chance to get to the next level, Marion less so due to age.

The All Madden team is picked by Madden on players HE'S ACTUALLY SEEN LIVE that season, that is why there are always more NFC players on there, not because of a personal bias. You people are getting ridiculous, it's hardly his fault Fox only has the rights to one conferance.

Please re-educate.

By the way, I am no Madden fan and hate listening to his drivel.....wish he would retire.
You know what else is funny? Even though Madden says we have no stars, some of our players have star ratings in his game. Madison is a 98 which is tops for a corner, Thomas and Taylor are both 94s I think, Ricky is a 91 or 90, and Mare is a 96. lol
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