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Madden to join NBC on Sunday Night Football


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Aug 2, 2004
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NEW YORK (June 15, 2005) -- John Madden will join NBC as a game analyst when the network begins televising its newly acquired Sunday night football package in 2006.
"John Madden is the best analyst in the history of the National Football League and, in my opinion, the best analyst of any kind in sports television history," said Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports & Olympics. "John is much more than a football legend, he's an American icon."
"I have been doing this a long time and when I went to ABC to do Monday Night Football, I thought I would finish my career there," Madden said. "But when the NFL did this new television deal, I looked at NBC's Sunday Night Football package, and I thought this really fits me well."
Really great news to hear Madden will be doing Sunday Night Football on NBC and the 3 stooges will do Monday Night Football on ESPN which should be good as well. Here's the link.
Well, I tried... I posted this in the General NFL forum but someone posted it an hour later on the Main Forum and it seemed to be popular there. So MODS, feel free to delete this thread or merge. Thanks.
Says they are going to try and get Michaels also. I think they are a good team, but I dont know if they get Michaels away from ABC. If Michaels is a no go I wonder who will join Madden in the booth
That would be great if they got Michaels but I doubt it's going to happen, he'll most likely stick with ABC. My guess would be that they pair up Madden with Bob Costas. It's been mentoned that it could possibly be Marv Albert but I don't see that happening. But if they could if they could somehow lure Al Michaels in, to keep him and Madden together... would definitely be GREAT! :cooldude:
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