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Manuel Wright

Jan 17, 2005
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Dont know much about this kid, can someone give me some info or stats on him? Would be greatly appreciated, if we do give up a 2nd for him, is he worth it?
No, he wouldn't be worth if we wasted a 2nd round pick in the supplemental draft on him. He doesn't really have any stats, he started behind two All-Americans.
CCMiamiDolphins said:
Has there been a team to ever pick a guy in the first round?

Browns took Kosar #1 in supplemental draft
CCMiamiDolphins said:
Has there been a team to ever pick a guy in the first round?

many times

Cleveland used a 1st round pick in the supplemental draft to get Bernie Kosar,
Seattle used a 1st for Brian Bosworth, Dallas used a 1st on Steve Walsh, Denver used a 1st on Bobby Humphrey, NYJ used a 1st on Rob Moore.
There are a few others.
here are all the players that were taken with a 1st rounder.

1981 Dave Wilson Illinois QB New Orleans
1985 Bernie Kosar Miami QB Cleveland
1987 Brian Bosworth Oklahoma LB Seattle
1989 Steve Walsh Miami QB Dallas
1989 Timm Rosenbach Wash. State QB Phoenix
1989 Bobby Humphrey Alabama RB Denver
1990 Rob Moore Syracuse WR N.Y. Jets
1992 Dave Brown Duke QB N.Y. Giants
no more then a third, then you get value and he gets a year experience
I heard his D-line coach from last year on ESPNRADIO, he was very noncommital on Wright. Implied that he was very immature. I dont know why the guy would have an agenda, he is a head coach in the SEC now, but he did not give rave reviews.
I'd be surprised if Saban gives up a 3rd for him, to be honest. There's nothing but potential backing the pick.
I think he's worth a forth maybe a third but definately not a second
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