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Marino on CBS


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Jul 3, 2002
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Bethlehem PA
Marino is looking good in his new role... I loved it when he trashed Easison.. I hate him.. I don't know how many of you caught it but it went something like this..
They were talking about how Griese was almost benched last week and marino was giving his insight... then Boomer butted in and contradicted him, so Dan asked Boomer if he was evern benched and he said yes... then Dan says, well I guess you would know better then me, cause I was Never benched. :lol: :D :lol: :p :lol:

You could tell that burned :fire: Boomer as he tried to laugh it off on national TV... good shot Dan!
Marino has shown himself to be eloquent, knowledgeable and charasmatic in his new role. I always thought he'd be a good studio guy once he retired. It's good to see that happening.

Sadly, the rest of CBS' new crew is lackluster. And as much as I liked him as a player, Deion Sanders is incredibly annoying in the studio. Every time he opens his mouth, I feel like covering my ears and screaming, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!!"
I watched him the first week and he was very stiff. But yesterday you could really see a big difference. He was smoother and more relaxed. Hope this goes well for him.
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