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Mark Royals on Tampa TV Talking Bucs Right Now


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Feb 3, 2002
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What the hell?? Mark Royals is on the Bay News 9's half hour Sports Connection Show (which is pretty much a Bucs show) talking Buccaneers. I missed the first half of the show. But it just seems weird to me.

Oh, now they're letting him talk Dolphins. Started off by asking him about how much better the Bucs fans are then Dolfans. Then Ricky. Now it's back to Bucs.

Now they ask about Jason Taylor and the Bills game. As soon as he starts talking, they play the outro music. Nice. I also didn't like how they'd show Lucas throwing INTs and other mishaps when they'd talk Dolphins.

Mark is pretty good on TV. Speaks like a real sportscaster. Knows his stuff. Pretty honest guy. But he was in enemy territory tonight.
Thats because tampa bay is the half-retarded, red-headed step-child of Florida and feels like it constantly has to prove itself...

The whole freaking city suffers from an inferiority complex.
Tell me about it. But you wouldn't know it sometimes. They talk so much sh*t, even after they lose.
Is it just me, or does Tampa Bay have the most pathetic offense in the NFC?
I think it's just you. The Panthers are pathetic. Randy Fasani? Chris Twinkie? Rodney Peete? Come on now, don't blow the Bucs THAT bad. The offense does suck though.
Nah, the Bucs are even more pathetic. They've got all kinds of superstars and Jon Gruden on offense. And yet they still can only manage FGs against the likes of Carolina, Cleveland, Baltimore (when they sucked).

In their last 4 GAMES, the Sucs have only managed 2 offensive TDs. TWO TDs against Atlanta, Cleveland, Carolina, and Philly.

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