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Massive, Merged New Members Thread - seeing is believing


Aug 16, 2002
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south jersey
Test post

Hi, I'm new to the board, and coming over from the miami herald website. Look forward to having many talks about the best team in football.

Hey Travis, welcome to the FinHeaven forums. If you have any questions about any functions on the site, let me or another Admin/Mod know...

Anyways... GO DOLPHINS!
welcome a-board InMyChambers

hope you have a pleasant and prolonged stay ;) :D
The Doctor is In

I followed Aquaman and Echo Bravo over. I really like this board. It has a great selection of bells and whistles.

I offer a fantastic Derrick Rodgers quote from court papers released today: "She's my wife. I can smack her up if I want. I'll smack you up, too.''

Words to live by.
What's up Peeps

Hey just signed up.... I post over at the Herald Board as superduper, It's just getting a little too childish over there... Hopefully I can get some good insight on this board.....
Allegedly, mind you. But the quote comes from an AP story discussing a possible plea agreement.
welcome a-board rhadaddy/superduper

you can definitely get loads of good insight on this board...:D
At last, Real Dolfans

The Herald's message board has become a real drag. Nothing but doom and gloom! It's good to see some familar names here. Dr. Astro Zoom, in my chambers, How ya doing?
Welcome aboard 34. I am hoping the big dogs from the herald such Mercury22, and infil. join this forum as well..
Thanks Crazy, it's good to see you here as well. Are you ready for the real football games to start? I'm psyched!
Hey there InMyChambers,
I just got here myself. It's good to see some of the old Miami Herald regulars come over here.
So, what do you think about McMichael?
Hey Doc,
You might recognize my slightly altered screen name from the Herald. Have you noticed how much faster this is?
Well, see you around, and welcome aboard.
What's up Dupe... er... Rhadaddy. I think you'll be seeing a lot of the regulars come over here. See ya around.
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