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May 2, 2004
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I have no doubt this will get merged, but put this in perspective. The Pittsburgh Steelers took Antwan Randle El in the later part of the second round two years ago. The 62nd to be more specific. He is now a huge asset for the team as a playmaking wide reciever. As a return man he has been slightly above average, yet he has found his nitch as a big playmaker for hte Steelers.

He is 5' 10 192. I did not keep guys workout numbers from back then but I bet he was around a 4.5 forty. 3.7 shuttle. 35 vertical. 10'2 broad.

Now, Jones was just as productive in college and played in a faster conference.
He is 6'6 242 with a 4.38 forty, 3.8 shuttle. 39 1/2 vertical. 10'9 broad.

He is on another planet athletically in comparison to the player the Steelers took with the 62nd pick.

This kid will be as good as he wants. If a coach in this league feels strongly that he will work on the finer parts of the WR postion, I expect them to take him very early.

His size - speed - quickness combination make him almost unstoppable as a wide reciever. Now put him next to Chris Chambers.
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