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Matt Roth


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Oct 11, 2002
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Does anyone here think Matt Roth looks like 278 pounds? Just curious.
To me he looks more like 255.
thats not a bad thing... means he can stand up on occasions.
He just looks like that in college games because he was only 260. He put on 15 pounds after the senior bowl so that no-one thought of him as a stand up linebacker. He's 278 now, has a good big frame with which to put the pounds on also.
He's got good size and crazy ferocity. :D

Guy plays like a giant.
As long as he's putting guys on their backs, I don't care if he plays at 210...
Does anybody else see a lot of unnecessary roughness calls coming in the next few years? :D
I love this pick. Roth will be a great high energy substitution for our suddenly VERY DEEP DE corps. With Roth coming off the bench we should have nonstop pressure on opposing O-lines-- something that we lacked at too often this past season. Saban may have visions of Roth playing up at either OLB spot when he uses the 3-4 scheme as a change of pace. Either way this guy is a baller and I am ecstatic to have him in aqua and orange.

He really does play like a gladiator.The type of guy we need on our defence.He's a lot like Seau and Zack.

Ozzy rules!!
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