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Maybe just maybe it will be M. Williams

Sal Lisitano

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Aug 7, 2003
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It's funny how no one is mentioning Mike Williams...he is the only player that has not been courted by the Fins...this maybe Saban's kid all along...I don't know though. If we trade out of the #2 spot...let's say with the you think the Bucs really want A. Smith? Maybe the Bucs really want M. Williams? Damn this draft is getting more and more confusing...all these scenarios...are getting me more confused?

Oh one thing I want to say...everyone is high on Brown...and rightfully so but I've been doing some thinking...Cadillac Williams maybe the better RB...yes, he maybe. Cadillac was the starter...I don't care what others say...Caddy was the starter...he has better vision than Brown IMO...and yes, I have see both of them play. And Caddy does fit in Linehan's system better...remember now...Saban will draft players that "fit" in Miami's system...I think Caddy is a better fit in Linehan's system...don't go crazy people...this is just my opinion. Look at the type of RB that Linehan had in Minny...they are more like Caddy than Brown. Caddy is shifty and quick. He turns potential loss in yards into gains...he has great vision and he gets through small holes...he get through the smallest cracks.

I hope we trade out of the #2 spot...Saban will hopefully get an offer he can't refuse...I could see us taking Caddy or M. Williams...if of course the Bucs aren't bluffing about Smith and turn out taking M. Williams. I guess we all need to wait and see for the 49ers move...than we'll know our options...oh and 1 more thing...In Saban I Trust!!!

Go Fins!!!

Go Fins!!!
i wouldnt be dissapointed with either, however ronnie fits better in my opinion. he is fast, yes not as shifty, but he also catches out of the backfiled. the kind played fb, slot reciever tailback, damn near everything at there a system he doesnt fit in?
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