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Mckinney and Clabo


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Aug 3, 2002
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They may have to be resigned. They are playing really well. I just dont know what the heck happened after losing the two bozo's.

I say this with the notion of still drafting 2 T's and 2 G's for competition. That way you have Vets starting out and you are injury safe with depth. Set yourself up well for the future I think.

Mckinney is a savior IMO.
I think Clabo needs to retire. He has been much better, but not great. He was very, very bad before he got benched.

I don't think we can trust him going into next season. I would like to see McKinnie re-signed as a stopgap, though.
But wtf changed?

Did they suddenly get the playbook, snap count? I dont get it.

Clabo had a bad early season last year then got better.
How did the removal of Martin and Incognito improve the play of Clabo? Was there too much drama before and it got into his head?
I thought McKinnie was on a 2 year contract but could be wrong, Clabo I think will retire. We need some of these guys we have in the roster and practise squad to come through, the Yeatmans, Brenners and the like. On top of that I think we need to draft a couple of olinemen at the least, Jerry is worth resigning and with Pouncey and McKinnie the only other starters probably returning we need to get more talent in on the oline.
There are a lot of things to figure out on the OL before next season. I don't think either of these guys will be part of the solution though, and it honestly would be foolish to go into a season counting on them to be so when they are on the downhill slope, one guy already was so bad he had to be replaced via midseason trade, only to have to step up again, and another guy was shipped out because he wasn't effective anymore. I give them credit for exceeding expectations, but at best they should be insurance, not integral pieces.

I don't expect Ireland to find better though, nor do I expect the coaching staff to managed whatever guys are in TC to field a good line come week one because their shuffling of the line and poor management of the guys they had in camp was flat out terrible.

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I thought McKinnie was on a 2 year contract but could be wrong, Clabo I think will retire.

That contract was voided mutually by player and team this week.
I like McKinnie, Clabo for depth and veteran leadership only. Should only see a few snaps and teach the kids a few things.
No they gave up the option IIRC...
We're going to see at least 8 corn fed boys brought in next year through draft and FA, so we'll see. Also, didn't Big Mac and the team just void his final year?
Dolphins and McKinney agreed to void the final year of his contract last week. Sorry no link.
I have watched the Jets all year living in New York and I was very impressed with what our o-line did today. The Jets are number 1 against the run and we had 120 yards today running on the road and over 400 yds total offense . Great job o-line
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