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meet our NFL 2002 1st round draft choice...


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Nov 30, 2001
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Quebec City
Toniu Fonoti, OG, Jr., Nebraska

6-4, 335 Fonoti broke a school record with 32 pancakes vs. Texas Tech, including 10 in NU's first 13 plays of the second half. With 16 pancakes vs. Kansas, Fonoti broke his own school record for most pancakes in a season. He now has 182 this year, 27 more than his school-record total 155 in 11 games in 2000. He will also break his own school record for season pancake average of 14.1 set last year, as he is averaging 16.5 this season.
Joel Buchsbaum
Most dominating player in college football. In the John Hannah mold.

OLG Toniu Fonoti has awesome size and strength and All-America potential.

Rob "Boomer" Rang
Extremely aggressive, extremely strong guard prospect that is (as nearly all Nebraska offensive lineman are) at his best run blocking. Huge, wide bodied frame that is surprisingly quick off the snap. Plows into the defender and uses both superior strength, good quickness and balance, and excellent fundamental blocking techniques to control his opponent. Can be dominant in a limited area, and is the perfect candidate to run behind in short yardage situations - shattered the Nebraska team record for pancake blocks with 155 - held previously by Dominic Raiola, and before him, Will Shields.... Can pull and make the block on the second level, though it is questionable if he can do this on the pro level, as well. Very, very aggressive making leading the back in a counter situation, and will take whoever he hits completely out of the play. Can be over-aggressive and will occasionally miss against quality athletes coming up to support the run. Settles in nicely as a pass blocker. Shows quick feet in a limited area, but isn't a candidate, in my opinion, at right tackle. Strong initial punch to the defender and keeps him at bay. More than solid as a pass blocker, but one of the more potentially dominant run blocking guards I've scouted in quite some time.

The Good: Powerful, dominant lineman with a great future. Good athlete that is quick off the snap into his run blocks or when setting in pass protection, stays square and destroys opponents driving them off the ball. Plays with balance, leverage and complete body strength. Gets his hands up, works hard and blocks down well on opponents. Can kick out or pull, block on the second level and looks to hit anything or anyone. The Bad: Needs to improve his footwork and keep his weight in check. The Skinny: A a tremendous prospect.

To our minds there is no more exciting pro-prospect on this offense then guard Toniu Fonoti, if you can believe that. He is Will Shields and Dominic Raiola wrapped into one and an overwhelming force at the point of attack. A solid athlete, Fonoti destroys opponents moving straight ahead, blocking linebackers on the second level or pulling across the line of scrimmage. He is absolutely dominating, looks to destroy opponents and will be listed as one of the top guard prospects when our positions rankings are updated the end of July.

32 PANCAKES BLOCK IN ONE GAME!!!!:fire: :evil:

this guy is a bulldozer!!! this is just what we need... i just hope he will enter the Draft this year:(
I have seen this guy, he is really good. I would be surprised if he fell to us, but I would accept it if he did. And then we would take Gonzalez in the second...o wait we don't have a second rounder.:(
As I said in draft pick poll this is the guy I'm hopeing for as well. He should be available in the late first round if he comes out as expected. I say this due to the anount of talent at o-line and d-line in this years draft, and his inexpeirence w/pass blocking. He will probably be the 3rd guard taken be hind Terrence Metcalf(ole Miss), and Andre Gurode(Colorado).
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