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MERGED: dont get too optimistic / Bullocks gone

new bob

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Feb 9, 2005
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dont get too optimistic about getting josh bullocks

i am dying for him to be there at 46, but i dont see it. Dallas has a glaring hole at FS, and unless a good WR is there that they have rated high (hopefully theyll have someone like roscoe parrish or mark bradley rated very high), then expect them to draft bullocks. I think picking up someone other than bullocks or frye would be a mistake. Lb is not as much of a pressing need, so please dont say to pick up thurman or crowder, and picking up dan cody would be a mistake. Picknig up justin miller i think would also be a bad decision. I really really hope bullocks is available
oh, and of course i forgot about khalif barnes. i would rather get bullocks or frye, but would not be disappointed at all with barnes
Didn't they say Shazor's has fallen? They think he'll go in the 4th or 5th, it would be stupid to draft a question mark this early.
No one everyone is gone!!!!!!!!!!! Come on guys take a pill, its only the 2nd round!!!!!!!!
Yeah, Shazor has question marks about his speed and some view him as a 'tweener at LB. I'd hold off. Too early. Better value available.
Shazor's stock has dropped a bit because of his lack of speed. We don't need a SS, we need a FS that can run & cover.
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