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Mar 12, 2005
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What would you give....

What would give up for Manuel Wright. Personally I'm pleased we're targeting him, but I don't want to give up more than a forth for him. He was never really a fulltime starter. I think it will take atleast two years for him to develop. If we give up anything higher than a fourth I think we would be able to find someone just as good in next years draft.
3rd, he was behind Mike Patterson, a 1st round pick, and Shaun Cody, a 2nd, so i'd give a 3rd.

Our new assistant o-line coach, Tim Davis, was the line coach at USC, he'd know how good Wright is, he'd know what to give.
4th is the max... I dont want to give a first day pick for him... Its not like we are 1 piece away from a superbowl and that we absolutly NEED him this year. I know people on this board arnt used to losing but rebuilding a team is a process that takes a little time and some of the people on this board need to learn a little patience. :D

I'd consider a 3rd. Only because people are saying that if he were to playout this season he'd probably be a first rounder, or a second rounder, so its usually kinda hard to find a guy with that kind of talent in the 3rd round anyway. Atleast if we got Wright we'd be getting (hopefully) better value.
dolfan2010 said:
is this guy a need? i think so....what should we give up too get him?is a third rd pick too much? lots of be answered yet!!!!!

I'd say he is a need. And a 3rd is definetly as high as I would go. I'm pretty sure Saban wouldn't go any higher either.
finsmx said:
i would give my right one :lol: , but seriously i think a 3rd should do it

If we must, but I really don't want to give away a first day pick. Unless, we can get that first day pick back before next years draft. I am just gun-shy on giving up picks to win now. I would rather us build up the team for the future with as many draft picks as we can horde.

EDIT: To calrify: With the allegedly reported complexity of the schemes being put in place, I can see it taking time to get everyone working on the same page. Granted we have a lot of talent, but they ALL have to be able to execute the plays. With the age of the defense, granted we have infused it with SOME youth, it is going to take time to transition the veterans and youth into the new schemes. I want to win NOW as well, but I don't see it happening this year. I see it coming 3 to 5 years down the raod. When I say win, I mean the Superbowl.
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