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Miami are the front runners for Chris Carter


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Just thought you guys would like to know.

Dolphins | Back In the C. Carter Mix? - posted at KFFL (
22:18 PT: Alex Marvez reports for the Sun Sentinel the Miami Dolphins are back in the mix to sign free agent WR Cris Carter (Vikings) and in fact they are the front-runners. Coach Dave Wannstedt acknowledged the Dolphins ongoing negotiations with Carter and his new agent, Fletcher Smith. The coach added he was undecided about whether to offer Carter a contract. The Dolphins are reportedly offering significantly less than what Carter was initially seeking.

If we get him for at a good price. Barring injury (God forbid), the dolphins will have no excuse for not going far into the playoffs and possibly winning the Super Bowl.:cool: :D

It looks like we will be re-signing Scott McGarrahan today. I hope this happens because I think he was our best special team player last year. Plus, the Fins are planning on giving WR Albert Johnson a chance to win the punt return position this year. If anybody doesn't remember who this guy is, he ended up on our injured reserve last preseason. He was the 2000 Canadian Football League Special Teams Player of the Year.
We seem to be conducting our business very publicly...

...which is great for us news hungry Phinfans. :D

But there are other teams conducting their FA dealings very quietly and you never know where he might actually pop-up. Green Bay might be in there for a post June 1 deal (Cap space being the main issue) judging by an article on the Packers site where Reggie McKenzie was answering fans questions on the subject of FA.
imagine if we do get CC; Our offense would be incredible:

Chambers and Mcknight/Ward in the wings, and Gadsden and Carter in the Slot wityh riccky coming off the backfield.....
yeah, that would be something. But like I said in my earlier post, I just hope Wannie thinks this one through carefully.
They'd probably do something to Mcknights contract.Have to rework it or flat out release him.I'm all for keeping him and redo his contract.
I still hate the idea of Carter coming to Miami (Bad attitude=Big disruption) but if it happens there's nothing I can do about it but hope it works out for the best. I'm still hoping it doesn't though.
another confirmation

Rams | Looking for Receiver Depth - posted at KFFL (
13:18 PT: Updating previous reports, the Associated Press reports the St. Louis Rams will not reopen talks with free agent WR Cris Carter (Vikings), who blew off a previous scheduled meeting with the team. The Rams are currently looking at bringing in WR Johnnie Morton (Lions) for a visit and have talked with WRs free agents Joe Jurevicius (Giants) and Terrence Wilkins (Colts). The Rams are likely to sign a free agent receiver and also draft one this year.

what happened to Philly ?
Philly is too scared to spend money!

They've always been tight with their money.
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