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Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin reveals a history of skin cancer


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Apr 6, 2012
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Having lost a family member to a terminal disease, I understand the challenges and pain it can cause to everyone involved. Without the support of loved ones, it only makes things that much more difficult. Fortunately, Joe Philbin isn't dealing with a serious illness, and he is most certainly not alone. I think I speak for all Dolphins fans when I say, Coach, we wish you the best of health, we wish you longevity, and we wish you many winning seasons for years to come here in Miami.
Cancer sucks, man. Lost both my grandpas to that ****. It's a horrible and painful thing to go through just watching people suffer while they try to fight the disease. I'd never wish cancer on even my worst enemies. I hope and pray Philbin won't have to go through that and I wish him the best of health during his tenure as Miami Dolphins head coach and beyond.
Skin cancer comes in different varieties, some benign and some serious. You have to get checked every year. I have a very cute female dermatologist that checks me once a year...very thoroughly. Don't mind it one bit.
If you are fair skinned and live and work in south Florida or spend a lot of time outdoors anywhere, wear protective clothes, hats, creams..etc.
My dad was constantly getting spots removed and I have some experience himself with this disease. If you guys see something unusal don't wait. The procedure is quick and relatively painless but if left unchecked can become life threatening in some cases.

Just follow the advise above and you'll be fine. So will coach.
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