Miami Dolphins Countdown To Training Camp: Running Back

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Best battle: Howard vs. Breida. One could argue Ballage vs. Laird vs. Gaskin for the third running back spot is interesting. We’ll project Perry makes the team as somewhat of a swiss army knife. But does Howard, at 25, regain the bulldozing form he demonstrated earlier in his career with the Bears? Does Breida, also 25, capitalize on increased opportunities in Miami, and present as a solid pass blocker?

By the numbers: Jordan Howard did not fumble last season and has only five fumbles in 897 career NFL carries.

Quote: ”I’d describe my running style as rugged, pretty physical. I like to make the defenders feel me. I’d rather hit them than them hit me. I definitely try to make them quit, that way by the fourth quarter, they don’t really want to tackle.” - Howard

Likely Outcome: Howard and Breida figure to share carries, unless offensive coordinator Chan Gailey believes one is a better matchup in a particular game, or has the hot hand. Breida has averaged five yards per attempt in his career, while Howard is at 4.3.

But Howard is a powerful man and should be the top choice anywhere near the opposing goal line. Some of Howard’s traits actually remind of Ajayi.

Breida was clocked at 22.3 miles per hour on an 83-yard touchdown for the 49ers last season. No player was clocked faster. He is a cheetah. Some of Breida’s traits actually remind of Drake.

And Gailey will attempt, obviously, to get Breida into space. If he, Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant are all on the field together, that’s Chiefs-type speed.

Ballage will more than likely be in camp just to see what they can get for him via a trade. Interested to see who steps up between Laird, and Gaskin.
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I like Gaskin he was showing something in his brief appearance before breaking his ankle.
Brieda has a history of injury so counting on him to carry the load will be tricky.
Howard is the key can he regain his form.
Ballage might be loved by Florres but loving shouldn't be enough for him to stick.
Perry I see on the PS just not big enough yet.
Laird should stick for ST plus some ability.
This is the one area of concern imo all dark horses with question marks to the point we could see a veteran pickup if Brieda comes up lame early and Howard struggles.


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Ballage didn't have a good year in 2019, but it was one season in a very bad situation. Lets see what he looks like with a little better blocking before we close the door on a young back. The NFL is full of players that looked good or bad one season and then one or two years later looked liked a totally different player. If I were betting on Miami's rb odds I think I would say Ballage has a better chance of bouncing back and developing into the 3rd back role than Gaskin or Laird. That's the 3rd back on the depth chart not the 3rd down back.
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