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Miami getting some credit

"The Dolphins now have our attention. By the end of November, it appeared to be a two-horse AFC race between the Steelers and Raiders, and we were anticipating the Jets and possibly the Ravens as viable contenders. The Dolphins? They were just hanging around. Not anymore. The Dolphins are now 2-0 in December, and Monday night was one of their most impressive statements of the season."
Chris Mortensen/ESPN

The media has always doubted us! :rolleyes:
Every one should check out Chris Mortensen's page on He is the only sportswritter out side of Florida that gives the Dolphins any credit. He also has the Dolphins #4 on his weekly power poll, every other poll I have seen the Dolphins are #6 or #7.
They always say crap about the Dolphins here in NYC. They always say we are gonna lose, but then we make them wrong.:)

Miami Dolphins (9-3)
The expectations of the Dolphins are high. They were 9-3 after 12 games last year. They are 9-3 this season. Coach Dave Wannstedt has -- despite the lack of a running game and more turnovers by Jay Fiedler -- put the Dolphins in position to win the AFC East. Lamar Smith may get his 1,000 yards, but his 2.9-yard average needs to improve. A great rookie class has come on of late. Receiver Chris Chambers is challenging for Rookie of the Year, and halfback Travis Minor is a great outside option. The loss of Daryl Gardener after back surgery hurt the run defense and took away a potential Pro Bowler.
Grade: B+

"Dolphins halfback Lamar Smith should be able to break out of his season-long running slump during the final four weeks. The Dolphins' final three games are against the Patriots, Falcons and Bills, three run defenses ranked in the 20s overall. Smith is currently eighth in the AFC with 751 yards on 255 carries, a 2.9-yard average."

New England Patriots - A
NY Jets - B+
Baltimore Ravens - C
Oakland Raiders - B
Pittsburgh Steelers - A
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