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Miami got D at home!


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Aug 2, 2002
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If Tom Brady throws more than 1 TD pass he'd be the first to do so in Miami since Ray Lucas threw 3 in Week 16 of 1999.

Since 1998, in Miami's 34 home games that is the only time that a QB has thrown for more than 1 TD. Pretty impressive. They've given up several multiple TD games since 1998, but they've all been on the road. Not saying it can't happen, but would be breaking a huge trend.
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Sweet, but know that you said it it will probably be broken.
I agree, we could play a great game on D and still give up 2 or even 3 passing TDs ag the pass happy Pats. It depends on how we score and how often we score, i.e. how much our D is on the field.
We will contain Brady. I heard that he tends to really struggle against cover 2 and if we play the recievers tight, he will jam it in there and he will have a bad day.
D AT HOME....................

sure that wasn't our qb only throwing 1 td at home since 1999?



[from the herald after the k.c. game]

the re-emergence of Fiedler's bad habits upset coach Dave Wannstedt.

"There were times Jay forced some things," Wannstedt said. "Everything is not going to be open every time, and when it's not and there's some pressure, Jay is trying to make some plays, and we can't do that."

"Ricky has taken a lot of pressure off Jay," defensive end Jason Taylor said. "Jay doesn't feel like he has to make a great play for us to be successful."

At least the Dolphins hope that's the case.
Figures a comment like that would surface sometime during the week......
The "D" is on the hot seat this week. Fletcher and Freemen especially. You know the Pats will pick on them. Another bad day by the "D" and they will be facing the firing squadfor the first time in a long time. Not the offense.
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