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Miami Heat Milestones: 2004-2005


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Mar 5, 2003
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Off the top of my head:

-Miami set an NBA record for the best division record in league history (15-1)
-Shaquille O'Neal set a team record for FG percentage (60%)
-Dwyane Wade set a team record for points in a season (1854)
-Dwyane Wade set a team record for points per game in a season (24.1)
-Damon Jones set a team record for triples made in a season (225)
-Miami led the league in field goal percentage (unknown)
-Shaquille O'Neal set a team record for FT attempts in a season (765)
-Dwyane Wade also beat the old record to finish 2nd in team history (762)

There may be some more, like some kind've of combination between Wade/Shaq or so. I'm not sure, but I think Wade hit a team record with 581 made free throws. I think our home record, longest winning streak, & something else also made team records. Also, I think Damon Jones finished 8th or 9th All-Time on the NBA list for three pointers made in a season. Korver beat him for the league lead by 1, but took 37 more triples. Q-Rich has 221 and the Suns play tonight at 10:30, but who cares because the dude has jacked up 617 triples this year.
Truley a memorable year for the Heat. What's scary is that those records can be broken next year just as easy as they were set this year.
One record we didn't get record. The '97 Heat own that distinction (61-21). But Michael Jordan was still playing for the Bulls then. :(
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