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Miami Hurricanes Football playbook STOLEN!!


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Sep 3, 2001
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NO JOKE, the Miami Hurricanes Football Team's PLAYBOOK was stolen, and posted on the internet!!! go to It is one of the sublines!! CRAZY!!
:lol: :lol: :lol: This is one of the greatest stories I've read in quite some time. I think it would be hilarious if the 'Canes had to sit around and come up with a whole new offensive and defensive system in order to combat this. :evil:

I can see it now: coaches and staff staying up all hours of the night wondering, "Should we change the name from 'Sandman' to 'Hanging Chad'?":sleep: :lol:

I've hated the canes ever since they knocked the Bruins out of national championship contentions during Cade's last year on the squad.:lol: :evil:
Fortunately, I'm sure someone will fax/e-mail/mail/walk those suckers into all of their opponents for next year. :lol: :evil: :lol:
Of course the playbook was stolen..

Everybody's dying to see how bad they're gonna get their asses beat next season, and I guess somebody just couldn't wait to find out.:evil: Could that be you, Bowden?:lol:
I guess that's what it's come to, huh. Everybody knows they can't beat the Canes. So they gotta go out and cheat. I don't think it will matter. Good teams like Miami and Jimmy's Cowboys will beat you whether you know what's coming or not.

Expo, I'm really disappointed in your support of these Busch League tatics. Guess it's not about "may the best man/team/coaching staff win" is it. It's about getting an edge by any means necessary, ethical or otherwise.
Muck, bro, it was just a joke. I can't stand the Canes but I still don't like cheating. I just thought it was kind of a funny story. I would've been laughing at just about school this happened to. ;)

It reminds me of that commercial where Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis are hanging from the ceiling after one of the coaches puts a playbook in a locked room. This is all just an interesting story. :p
I as well, thought it was funny. You see these stories on about how great and sacred the playbook is, and you see these commercials like Expo said.

You never really think it will happen, yet, when i signed onto, and saw it, a smile formed on my face.

I too, Expo, thought of the same exact commerical w. Shannon and Terell. Its just ironic that a playbook actually did get stolen, and it was posted on the internet.

Obviously, there was something wrong with security that day, and hopefully, they can fix it up.
Its not gonna matter. As far as I'm concerned, other teams can be aware of what the Canes are going to do. The problem is....will they be able to stop them :evil:

I guess it's not funny when your team is the one being victimized. Maybe I wouldn't feel as strongly if it were another school.
A good team isn't dependant upon the playbook anyway. All they have to do is change a bunch of names in order to change the playbook enough do that it's useless to the other team. If they have the talent and the poise, they'll be right there at the end regardless of what the play is called. :D
Originally posted by Muck
I guess it's not funny when your team is the one being victimized. Maybe I wouldn't feel as strongly if it were another school.

Well Muck..............I was pissed off as well! I believe in "may the best team win". The fact that another team has to cheat to beat "My Canes" is abhorant to me.

That said..............I pictured FSU`s playbook stolen. At first I felt nothing, but when I felt the corners of my mouth start to turn up, I decided I better shut up! :lol: :lol: :lol:
BTW...........In today`s Miami herald article, the coaches dismissed the incident as not important.
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