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Miami is my Lock Of The Week


Mar 4, 2002
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How many of you Dolphin fans have been watching this team for so long that you just get gut feelings on how the team is gonna perform. What I mean you somehow have an insight into the way the team is gonna play. This could be insight for a loss or a win. How many knew last week could be trouble. Well, I have my feeling and it says we play a perfect game and win this week at home. Miami after a loss at home against a good oponent usually spells victory. I have a good feeling about this game. Let me know if you have those gut feelings. It has to do something with the makeup of the team. Crazy stuff!!!
like last year when we killed Brady and the Pats in Miami after a pathetic loss to the Rams :)

I have a vision.....a vision of Randy McMichael winning his 3rd Rookie of Week award :D

and of course the Phins alone atop the AFC East with the Jets writhing in the cellar at 1-4

:jetssuck: :nesucks:
If Miami wins this game....They have proven they can win big games this season also and that last week was just a mirage...cuz of course this is a big game....and a good test.
My feelings usually run counter. I'm either overconfident or irrationally pessimistic. My feelings this week run the latter :bling:, but it also may have something to do with last week. :rolleyes:

In either case:

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