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Miami Rookie of the year?

Which Miami Rookie has Played The Best So Far This Year?

  • Chris Chambers

    Votes: 10 100.0%
  • Travis Minor

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  • Other

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I gotta go with Chris Chambers on it I reckon. Hey remember that movie "Stand by Me"? River Phoenix character was named Chris Chambers. Just some totally useless information for ya!:D
I said Chambers for the same reason i said he was MVP... I think he has just played phenomenal this year. He has made big plays at very important times. And he actually made Jay Fiedler look good :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ... So he deserves to be the ROokie of the Year for the Phins, if not the entire league...
Doesn't Fiedler go down as the only QB since Marino???
Huard doesn't count because he was not there...
Lucas and McNown haven't started....
I've actually never had my own thread before. I was just starting my own thread... THANKS FOR CRUSHING MY WHOLE GOOD MOOD!!!!!!!


No, actually I think that Minor could have been, if he got more playing time. He played just as well as Chambers, just not as much, so.... either of them could win it.

based on the season Lamar Smith had last year, Fins obviously had to go with him early in the season. They also need(ed) to make the decision about L. Smith w.r.t FA.

When Minor was picked, I thought it was a major reach, but he's turned into a decent 3rd down RB. He's not an every-down back though.
As Minor grows into the NFL, I think he could be better than Emmit Smith... Minor will never break records like Smith, but he has the breakawya speed, and he can find the whole, and make something out of nothing... I look for Minor to do some great things, I hope that next year we play more of a RB by Committee type offense... but... I don't know
We don't know if Minor is an every down back. All we do know is that he has a 5.1ypc average. I say give him the damned ball and see what he does as a starter.
it's funny, Dave Wannstedt keeps acting like Lamar is the guy, but I guarentee you that Minor will get at least 20-25 touches. Lamar hasn't earned a thing this season, and Minor has done nothing but impress. Look for Minor to get going early...that is unless Lamar freaks and starts running through the Bills, which is possible. :D
ummm no. he had 37 yards. Hey the guy just isn't what he was last year. At least Wanny didn't give him the big contract he was after this last summer. Smart move!!
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