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Mike Martx is a Moron!!


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Sep 3, 2001
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Mike Martz is a Moron!!

The Rams drafted RB Lamar Gordon, and now pansy Eric Crouch! What the hell are they thinking!!! Mike Martz needs to lay of the crack!!!
They would have taken Randle El in the second if he had still been around, I bet.
The pick does make sense. And here's why.

Just take a look at the Rams. They're good EVERYWHERE. They have no holes. And they have excellent depth.

So all that's left for them to do is look for special teamers and potential replacements for the future.

That's why you're seeing the Rams reaching and picking players who have no business being drafted in the first and second (and third) rounds......because they have nothing else better to do.

And that's why Lamar Gordon heading to St. Louis. They could forfeit all their picks this year and not miss a bit. They are that good. They don't need a draft class this year.

And it's amazing that they continue have such depth in today's NFL.
Um, no holes? How about RT John St. Clair who played OC at Virginia and has never started an NFL game? They also need another OG and real DEPTH on their oline! Crouch is a waste, what QB has gone on to be a halfway decent S in the NFL? He is another, more athletic, Scott Frost.

I have no problem with Gordon, but Thomas was a reach, Crouch was a reach, and Travis Fisher was a reach. Not good VALUE at all.

This is a very weak draft for St louis VALUE wise, plus I am not very high on any of their players but Gordon, who is a keeper.
The should of addressed their offensive line, but it really doesn't matter who they take because they will all be backups anyway and will be lucky to see any time. Gordon didn't make any sense at all since they have 2 good RBs that could start on a lot of teams.
Okay, Okay. They have ONE hole. And believe me, it will be addressed.

But you have to remember, the Rams still have to fill the roster. They've only got something like 55 players on the roster right now. And it's pretty much all extra WRs. They haven't addressed the OL and other positions yet.

You misinterperated my post. I said they have excellent depth. I didn't say "at every position". And that ties into the short roster issue. I think they're ok at OG for now. They're fine at center. Where they need depth is OT, since there's only OTs on the roster. They are deep DT, DE, CB, S, RB, and WR. That's excellent depth.

And I already stated that those three picks were reaches.
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