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Million questions/thoughts on our Fins


May 5, 2007
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1)What do you guys think of our starting interior Oline?
Hows the rookie Jerry doing? Hows crazy Incognito doing? Berger or Grove in your eyes, who should be starting?
Do you guys see Donald Thomas getting a chance? I saw him beating up the Jags 2nd and 3rd teamers.
2)Whats up with Will Allen? I feel like he needs to come back desperately! Would you guys be opposed to starting him opposite Davis? I think Smith should be demoted and on 3 receiver sets, put Smith on the outside and let W. Allen cover the slot.
3)Our run defense which was thought to be a concern is looking fierce. Our Dline and Lbers look fast and seem very attacking. They get to the outside quick!
4)Nolan Carrol. I see an awesome kick returner in the making. Hes got good size, hes fast, and doesnt shy away from contact. I'd let him stay as a returner but he needs time to develop more as a cornerback.
5)Nate Ness continues to impress me. He seems to come out of nowhere but he's been with the team for a while and I think he should be promoted to dime situations.
6) With all that said, assuming Will Allen cannot go to start the season... who gets the nickel spot? I think we need some veteran presence and I'd go with Jason Allen. He did a good job against the best slot guy in the game last year covering Welker and the guy has taken a long time to develop, but I feel like he's finally gotten the mental part down.
7)Chad Pennington has still got it. He's so deadly accurate. And I love his football IQ. With that said, a team like Buffalo, Arizona, or Carolina might get desperate for QB help. Maybe a 2nd round pick?! Would you do it? Or maybe we can get corner help in a trade?
8) If Berger really does get the starting job, Grove needs to take a pay cut! I dont think we can get rid of him though. We have no other real options at center. Or maybe we can trade Grove? for a corner?
9)Pat White is obviously a goner. Do we try and stash him away on the practice squad? Someone would claim him off of waivers.
10)Wildcat is obviously here to stay. Whats your thoughts on that. I personally love it, especially in the redzone. And seriously, no one runs it as well as we do. Well except maybe the Browns, but Cribbs is ridiculous.
11)If that Jags game was a sign of things to come offensively, our run game should be in the top 5 and our passing game should be top 10! Teams are going to be clueless as to what we're going to be doing. Bess in the slot is deadly, Hartline, although cant catch a cold right now, is getting good separation and Marshall is, well, a beast. Fasano will be the most improved player on this team this season!
12)Who sticks as the 5 WR? Turner, Wallace or Moore? I think we stash Wallace and Turner on the PS and Moore gets the nod bc he seems to be the best receiver and can play ST unlike Turner. Wallace is still raw.
13) I have not heard anything about Wake?! Cause for concern or are we just having him play in coverage all preseason?
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