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Minority Candidates


Dec 26, 2004
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Mulberry, FL
"The guidelines that the diversity committee formulated are guidelines," said Greg Aiello, the NFL's vice president of public relations. "They are recommendations. They are not mandatory. Our understanding is that the Dolphins conducted a search for this position a little over a year ago, a search that included interviewing minority candidates, and they were working off of that search. They didn't conduct a new search. That's their position, and we don't really have an opinion to express about it."

Don't you just hate when someone tries to start a racist issue? Can't anything survive without having to provoke some racist, ignorant fool? When someone doesn't get what they "think" they deserve, they bring race or some other prejudice issue into it to make it seem like they were discriminated against.

When are these people going to look past their immaturity and gain some common sense? Like the article said, the Dolphins interviewed minority candidates last offseason. There is no need to go through the interview process with ten different guys again. The Dolphins knew who they wanted, and they got him. That person just happens to be white. If someone of African American race got the GM position, there wouldn't be a problem. And I'm sure all of you know that.

People need to grow up. They say that this world needs to get over the racism issue. Well, how can we if we have things like this pop up? Wow. Ignorance is out there, isn't it? :shakeno:
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