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Mistake - keeping only 4 WR's


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Jun 24, 2004
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We can safely say that Rishard Matthews had a breakout night, and I'm certainly not surprised, as he has always shown an ability to make tough, contested catches, and absorb hits better than most at his position. Still, while watching the game tonight in person, it got pretty silly to see just how many times we went empty set with Thomas and Miller set wide. Also, Marlon Moore saw a total of 0 snaps on offense as far as I could tell. Now, on their targets, Matthews and Hartline did as much as they could, so the top 3 receivers aren't really an issue. But when we are running empty sets we are actually doing so without legitimate targets there. We ran a couple WR screens there that didn't work at all, partially because the defense could sniff out that these guys were in there despite little ability to run routes and beat coverage. It's inevitable you are going to have injuries at positions, and at a position where there are regularly at least 3 on the field, we kept only 4, which meant that when that injury came we were down to only the three players who will be on the field. Not having another capable guy up to speed when needed is really limiting our offense in situations. I think we had capable receivers in Mcnutt and Tyms who could have filled this nicely.
I agree but for different reasons...I like a tyms on a 3rd or 4th db more than I do a egnew on a lb...and we have resorted to more egnew packages vs an extra wr and well egnew wears coverage like drapes...he may catch a ball but the coverage is gonna be in his hip...I would have liked our ops better exposing depth with a wr like tyms instead of egnew on a backer...
^^^ Disagree yet once more with the Egnew bashing. Having gone to a couple of games live your assessment Hoops is dead wrong on the kid. He gets open and has solid hands from what we can see on his limited opportunities.

Egnew is the least of this teams problem.
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