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Mixon on his way to Cincy


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Sep 4, 2001
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from http://nfl.kffl.com/news/hotwire/
Geoff Hobson reports for Bengals.com the team is expected to contact the agents for Dolphins free agent DE Kenny Mixon, Redskins TE Stephen Alexander, and former Giants S Sam Garnes. There is also some talk Bears free agent CB Walt Harris may want to sign with the Bengals
Nice to see the Bengals targeting players that are sure to change their losing tradition.:rolleyes:
Originally posted by inFINSible
Nice to see the Bengals targeting players that are sure to change their losing tradition.:rolleyes:
Maybe they want JJJ as well ;)
now Cincy might want Elvis :lol:

12:54 PT: Updating an earlier story, ESPN reports the Baltimore Ravens and QB Elvis Grbac were reportedly only $1.5 million apart on a new contract, with talks finally breaking off in a nasty fashion. We got close, but not close enough," said Ravens vice president Ozzie Newsome. "We just couldn't make the numbers work." Agent Jim Steiner said he already started contacting teams in need of quarterbacks, saying that he's already talked to the Cincinnati Bengals.
Cincinnati always targets high quality free agents every year. Actually, they signed Webb and Lorenzo Neal last year, two good players, but they still suck.
Cincy's got an awesome front seven, but no secondary. They've got Cory Dillon, a pretty good OL, and some good WRs, but no QB. If they get a QB and some DBs, they're gonna be STOUT.
Yeah. I think they should draft Quentin Jammer or Philip Bucannon. I doubt Jammer will be around when they pick so I think they will go with Bucannon.
thus far they are not looking at a QB in FA - though Elvis was talking to them:
Cincinnati personnel official Jim Lippincourt said the Bengals are targeting free agents including tight ends Ken Dilger and Stephen Alexander; defensive linemen Kenny Mixon, Joe Johnson and Lorenzo Bromell; defensive backs DuaneStarks, Walt Harris, Brian Kelly, Corey Chavous, Tom Knight and Sam Garnes.

from http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news/ap/20020301/ap-nflcombinenotebook.html

will they sign Mix and Lo Bro - j/k
Let em have Mixon, he sucks. He hasnt done crap in his 4 years here, & he's started 3 of those years. He's more of a back up DT than a DE. LoBro had as many sacks last year as Mixon has had his entire career.
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