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with this being a xmas month and everybody taking vacation, since i don't have any time coming, i have to work tonight. i was joking before about getting sick tonight, but if they said if i pulled that crap not to worry about coming in tuesday night. shoulda kept my mouth shut!:( :( :( :( :cry:
Thanks!! Congrats on your victory last night. :) I just wish the Broncos could have given up more rushing yards to my fantasy RB Shaun Alexander. :rolleyes: Sorry about Griese, hope he will be okay. :(

:monkey: Raiders on Dec 30th :D
This really does suck, I have to work tonight also. I shoulda put in for some time off. It is gonna be a great win for us, if we can keep the pressure on Manning.

Do you realize

We beat the colts a month ago and they haven't won a game since... It' like we were the demise of their season... Let's hope they don't take it out on us tonight....
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