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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
For thoose that remember I was to be involved w/a mock draft over at the Texan's fan sight representing fin heaven. Well we did it last night and hear it is.

. Houston Texans: David Carr, QB, Fresno State
Keith Weiland of Houston Pro Football says: The Texans have made no secret of their admiration for Carr, the top quarterback available in the draft.

2. Carolina Panthers: Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina
Keiko Santee of Panther Talk says: Local hero injects some much needed energy and pass rush into the Panthers' defensive line.

3. Detroit Lions: Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas
Bob Henry of Red Eye Sports says: While the popular pick seems to be Harrington, the Lions will likely trade down and grab another player.

4. Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams OT, Texas
Steve Saslow of Bills Daily says: The popular pick is McKinnie, but the club doesn't like his work ethic. They will probably try to trade this pick.

5. San Diego Chargers: Bryant McKinnie, OT Miami
Brian Roberson of Red Eye Sports says: The Chargers need a serious upgrade up front and McKinnie is the player most ready to become a shut down tackle in the NFL. Very pleased to get him.

6. Dallas Cowboys: John Henderson, DT, Tennessee
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: The Cowboys, needing both DL and CB help, go with the top available player in Henderson.

7. Minnesota Vikings: Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee
Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown says: With the top two offensive tackles off the board, the Vikings take the best defensive lineman available.

8. Kansas City Chiefs: Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawaii
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: No player is moving up the charts faster than Lelie, and the Chiefs' need for receivers is no secret.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida
Kevin Basarab of JagZone says: With the chance of McCardell being cut or traded and no strong third receiver, Jacksonville needs a big play man like Gaffney.

10. Cincinnati Bengals: Phillip Buchanon, CB, Miami
Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Services, says: It's obvious the Bengals need CB help and they get the best CB prospect available in the draft. Buchanon has the instincts, fundamentals, and recover speed that every top CB needs. Will start from day one.

11. Indianapolis Colts: Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: In a tough decision, the Colts go with Bryant instead of SS Roy Williams. Bryant simply fills a bigger team need.

12. Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: The Cardinals are desperate for solid interior defensive line play and Sims' consistency and blue collar work ethic is the perfect fit.

13. New Orleans Saints: Mike Pearson, OT, Florida
Eric Berger says: Assuming Willie Roaf follows through with his threat to retire, the Saints need a starting tackle now. Pearson has been dropping and may have already reached his potential, but he's ready to start and the Saints don't want to wait for a higher potential player like Levi Jones to develop.

14. New York Giants: Levi Jones, OT, Arizona
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: The Giants desperately need to address the youth and athleticism of the left
side of the line. Jones showed flashes of being a great player in Mobile...

15. Tennessee Titans: Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma
Jonathan Small of GoTitans says: The Titans need secondary help and defensive line depth. Williams can be the long term replacement for Blaine Bishop, who may or may not return in 2002.

16. Cleveland Browns: Toniu Fonoti, OG, Nebraska
BuzzardBlaster of Bernie's Insiders says: In desperate need of offensive line help, the Browns go with the best offensive lineman left on the board.

17. Atlanta Falcons: Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: With Tony Martin already gone, and potentially Mathis and Jefferson on the way out as well, the Falcons need a vertical threat. Bryant has legitimate top 10 talent and the Falcons are lucky to get him.

18. Washington Redskins: Joey Harrington. QB, Oregon
Andrew Nielsen of 2002 Skins Draft Center says: There is no chance in the world Joey will be available here at #18 on draft day but will take him anyway. Should start in 2004.

19. Denver Broncos: Donte Stallworth, WR, Tennessee
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: The Broncos clearly need receiver depth, and Stallworth provides the club with the size and speed to step in should Smith or McCafferey go down again.

20. Seattle Seahawks: Jeremy Shockey TE Miami
Brian Byrne of Fin Heaven says: Their biggest need, and are shocked he is still on the board.

21. Oakland Raiders: Napoleon Harris, OLB, Northwestern
Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Services, says: The Raiders are desperate for LB help and Harris will surely fill a huge void at SLB. He can also play DE at a high level. Also needs WR and defensive line help, but Harris has good value here.

22. New York Jets: Dennis Johnson, DE, Kentucky
Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview says: Ultimately, the Jets will move up for Buchanon or down for Triplett. With the players left on the board, though, they Johnson, who could be an impact player if he continues to progress and along with John Abraham will offer an awesome set of bookend- ends.

23. Oakland Raiders: Kalimba Edwards, DE, S. Carolina
Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Services, says: Are you
serious? The best player on the board and although WR and DT are the biggest needs, Kalimba will provide instant pass rush and will allow the CB's to make more plays. UNREAL VALUE.

24. Baltimore Ravens: Mike Rumph, CB, Miami
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: With Starks gone, the Ravens will be looking for quality defensive backs dropping. Rumph fits the bill nicely.

25. Miami Dolphins: Andre Gurode, G, Colorado
Brian Byrne of Fin Heaven says: Big need filled, but doubt Miami still has this pick since a trade for Ricky Williams should happen. RB's Duckett and Green were interesting, but since I doubt they would be left, I went for Gurode

26. Philadelphia Eagles: William Green, RB, Boston College
Chuck Koons of NFL Draft Blitz says: There are more pressing needs, but the Eagles do need a running back, and Green is too good to pass up at this point.

27. San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Weaver, DE, Notre Dame
Pete of NinersFanatic says: 49ers get competition
for the starting LDE spot from a versatile lineman who can
play inside or out.

28. Green Bay Packers: Josh Reed, WR, LSU
Patty4GB of Packers Chatters says: Solid hands and a tremendous intermediate receiver. Very good at finding soft spots in coverage - tremendous quickness; will help Brett Favre.

29. Chicago Bears: Rohan Davey, QB - LSU
Ken of Monsters of the Webway says: It's no secret that the Bears need a quarterback, and with the possibility of only a CFL QB under contract going into camp, and looking to the future, Bears select a mobile QB for the future.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ed Reed, S, Miami
John of SteelerWatch says: Roy Williams may be getting all the attention, but this natural leader in Miami' s secondary has made just as many big plays (17 INTs in 2 years) and is faster. Reed is an unselfish playmaker that will take over for SS Lee Flowers in 2003. Reed should add much needed speed at the SS spot.

31. St. Louis Rams: Reche Caldwell, WR, Florida
DJ of ClanRam says: With the possible losses of Az Hakim to free agency and Ricky Proehl to retirement, the Rams will be looking for a #3 receiver and they like Caldwell's speed and catching abilities

32. New England Patriots: Eddie Freeman, DT, UAB
Rob Rang of Boomer's Draft says: The Pats are in the enviable spot of taking the best available player. If this mock were true, the team would surely consider Duckett, but the more likely scenario has them taking another physical big body up front.
Iteresting. I think it'll look quite a bit different on draft day but this gives us another perspective.
It's always different on draft day. I've never seen a mock draft of the first round that was 100% right.
Here's my mock draft....

1. Houston Texans - David Carr, QB Fresno State
2. Carolina Panthers - Julius Peppers, DE UNC
3. Detroit Lions - Quentin Jammer, CB Texas (this is iffy)
4. Buffalo Bills - Bryant McKinnie, OL Miami
They could go w/Joey Harrington here, but they have no tackles.
5. San Diego Chargers - Mike Williams, OL Texas
6. Dallas Cowboys - John Henderson, DT Tennessee
7. Minnesota Vikings - Roy L. Williams, S Oklahoma
Possible DT or DE could be picked here also.
8. Kansas City Cheifs - Wendall Bryant, DT Wisconsin
9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Albert Haynesworth, DT Tennessee
They lost Boselli to Houston, but they also lost two DT's.
10. Cincinnati Bengals - Phillip Buchanon, CB Miami
11. Indianapolis Colts - Kalimba Edwards, DE S. Carolina
12. Arizona Cardinals - Ryan Sims, DT UNC
13. New Orleans Saints - Antonio Bryant, WR Pitt
14. NY Giants - Andre Gurode, OL Colorado (coin toss w/Tenn.)
15. Tennessee Titans - Ed Reed, S Miami (coin toss w/NY)
16. Atlanta Falcons - Ashley Lelie, WR Hawaii (coin toss w/Cle.)
17. Cleveland Browns - Mike Pearson, OL Florida
Willie Green maybe, but they ranked last in rushing, My guess OL.
18. Washington Redskins - Joey Harrington, QB Oregon
19. Denver Broncos - Dennis Johnson, DE Kentucky
20. Seattle Seahawks - Jeramy Stephens, TE Washington
21. (Fr. Tampa) Oakland - Larry Triplett, DT Washington
W/the loss of Russell, they will draft Trip before the Jets get him.
22. NY Jets - Lito Sheppard, CB Florida (Big 4 DT are gone so they will to go CB if they don't trade up)
23. Oakland Raiders - Napoleon Harris, OLB Northwestern
24. Baltimore Ravens - Donte Stallworth, WR Tennessee
25. Miami Dolphins - Willie Green, RB Boston College
If Willie is gone than the Fins will go w/ DeShaun Foster unless the RB situation is addressed during Free Agency than the Fins will go for Toniu Fonoti, OG Nebraska
26. Philadelphia Eagles - Toniu Fonoti, OG Nebraska
27. San Fran 49ers - Marquise Walker, WR Michigan
28. Green Bay Packers - Josh Reed, WR LSU
29. Chicago Bears - Jeramy Shockey, TE Miami
30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Treverance Faulk, MLB LSU
31. St. Louis Rams - Andre Davis, WR Virginia Tech
32. New England Patroits - T.J. Duckett, RB Michigan State
I find it interesting that both mock drafts have Harrington at 18. I think he will go to the Bills, or the Lions, but that is just my ignorant guess.

Psst.........Bills aren't going with a QB!!!

Run the ball and stop the run!!! Lineman is where it's at!!
Yea, I know that, but you guys need to develop a QB for the future.
William Green gets picked when?!?!?!?

As much as I want William Green, he will not fall past the 15th spot in the draft, there is no way we could draft him, unless we trade up some how. Let's just stick with Williams or Taylor for now!!
Originally posted by clumpedplatelet
Psst.........Bills aren't going with a QB!!!

Run the ball and stop the run!!! Lineman is where it's at!!

The Bills need help at every position, and Cowart is gonna leave.
I gotta agree with the Finaticalone, IF..... William Green falls to the Dolphins, there is no way we pass and take Gurode.
I never said i agreed w/the picks, but that how it shaped up. I agree no way Cleaveland lets Green get by them. As far as Harrington goes Detroit isn't serious about taking, Mcmahon is their man, him unless for a trade I think they will move down in the draft. Buffalo won't take a qb mainly because they have to many bigger needs, and if Williams or Mckinnie are there it is a no brainer. Look for them to take Patrick Ramsey in round 2. For the rest I think the Jets pick has no chance, they will look at CB, DT, or LB if Jones and Lewis both leave. I think KC will go WR after all Vermeil is their coach. Giants will take a TE. Atl will take a RB to take preasure off Vick, or WR to help him. Saints would not use the pick for a T, probably a CB. Oakland will use 1 on a wr. Bears will look for a DE.
Good post Dajesus

The mock draft I posted was one I did about 10 days ago, but it will change as free agency and the combine gets into full gear. I think Atlanta might go after a RB if the rumors of them letting Jamal Anderson go is true, but if they do keep him, I think they will go after a WR since the are releasing Terrance Mathis and have no one left at the position.

The Jets will go after a CB since the big 4 DTs are off the board. They lost both of their starting CBs and only have lil' ole Ray Mickens left.

The Raiders will go defense with their first two picks. Darrell Russell is suspended and their weakest position is OLB.

Cleveland is my biggest question mark. They have some good (not spectacular) RBs on their roster but they have the worst OL in the league. I believe they will draft OL in the first round but I definitely don't leave out the possibility of them going after a RB also.

In the end for the Fins, that would still leave DeShaun Foster as the top back remaining on the boards when we pick. Unless we addressed that before the draft, then we will go after an OL men.:cool:
Originally posted by Dajesus
I never said i agreed w/the picks, but that how it shaped up. I agree no way Cleaveland lets Green get by them.
unless they beat us out in the Ricky sweepstakes ;)
Originally posted by Dajesus
I never said i agreed w/the picks, but that how it shaped up. I agree no way Cleaveland lets Green get by them.

So at the time you were called upon, You had no idea who had already been chosen or who was still available? That's f**ed up. What good is a mock draft if you aren't going for accuracy?
I'm not dissing you, if that's the situation,you, had no choice but to go for biggest need but, if they were going to do it that way, what did they need you for? Please don't think I'm ripping you, it just struck me as an odd way to do a mock draft.;)
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