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Monday has turned in to a statement game/It's all about RESPECT!!!


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Dec 12, 2001
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Mondya has turned in to a statement game

I think more so than ever we have to win Monday. If we win we put some space between us and the Bills witch is key, since they own the tie breaker. We also don't want to face a Jet team next week with only 2 games seperating us. They had a huge win today, and if we lose to Greenbay we have to go to NY with them having the mind frame of a win puts them right back in the hunt for the east crown. The other factor is we have a couple of easyier games the next couple of weeks, if we beet Greenbay we could take a big lead in the race for home feild.
Agreed bud, I think we will play rather well, and will sirprise some people tomorrow. I see a 24-20 win.
It's all about RESPECT!!!

I know that this game has alot riding on it. If we win then we will increase our lead in our division. We would be tied for best record in the AFC with the inside track to that all elusive bye week in the playoffs. We would get that bitter taste out of our mouths after that unnecessary loss to Buffalo. I think all these are very important things, but I think the most important thing that could come from a win in Green Bay on Monday Night Football would definitely be some RESPECT! I mean Green Bay seems to have it. Brett Favre (limping and braced up or not) definitely has it. We got a little taste of it after the Denver win, but right now I think most people think this is a game that we "shouldn't win". I hope we prove em' all wrong and go into the Lambeu icebox and skate all over those overrated Packers. Lets demand the RESPECT that should be ours with a WIN! WIN! WIN! GO PHINS!!!
Special teams will be huge for us this week with minor returning one for a td!!! AT the very least good field position all game long!
Your not kidding about minor. This guy seems to always get us great field position and seems to just miss breaking it all the way. I agree he is due to break one unless the kicker gets lucky again and sticks his arm or leg out.
Just as long as we don't get so much respect that we get put back at #1 on the Power Poll rankings, that curse is becomming a vicious Killer of teams.
This team seems to thrive on a lack of respect, I think they read too many of their own press clippings. I certainly would take a win in Lambeau, but I think I would rather see the packers trip all over themselves and GIVE us a win than us to go up there and win a tough game like we did against Denver.
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