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More on Chris Chambers from the Sporting News.

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It looks the Dolphins are checking all options to ensure the best possible line.
helluva upbeat analysis of the OL. I am still not sold on moving Dixon to LT, but agree that it needs to be done early to allow 5 starters to gel. Hopefully, Spriggs or Smith can prove at least adequate - I mean we were 11-5 w/Spencer Folau last year.
I love hearing positive things about our line. I really think this will be one of the most improved units in football, and will be talked about alot in the week preceeding the SB:)
Until we get to see our line work this year, I will reserve comments..before last year all we use to talk about was Miami inability to run,,but not many blame it on the line..It was either a combo of we didn't do it a lot with Dan back there, or we didn't have the running back..Now we'll see.
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