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Mort's Miami quotes


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Aug 2, 2002
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Best Performance: Quarterbacks

5a. Jay Fiedler, Dolphins -- Under 200 yards (190), but was absolutely masterful in managing the game and making big plays against Patriots

....and a HUGE OUCH:

Dishonorable Mention

2. Titans owner Bud Adams -- For telling a newspaper reporter what he should have told Jeff Fisher first in private: "It looks like we're getting out-coached."

Miami fans couldn't fathom Wayne saying something like this!
Props to Wayne

Wayne is perenially honored by sportswriters as being one of the owners player and coaches alike want to work for most!
Ouch is right....this seems like the beginning of the end..for Jeff unless the team improves.
Fisher has had a good run..I'm sure if he loses his job in tennesee he will latch on somewhere else
From Pro Football Talk......


"A league source tells us that Miami's 13-point win over New England on Sunday can be attributed to one simple fact -- the Pats were hit hard by the Dolphins.

According to the source, the South Florida heat wasn't an issue. Instead, the Dolphins were getting a good push on both sides of the line.

On offense, the effort gave Ricky Williams enough space to squeeze out more than 100 yards (despite average less than three yards per carry) and, more importantly, Jay Fiedler had time to spot open receivers as he passed for two scores.

On defense, the Fins were able to put pressure on Tom Brady up the middle of the line, limiting his ability to get set properly on most of his throws."
Personally, I think they're overshooting the runway a bit for the sake of sensationalizing the story. We know for a fact that the heat played a big role in the win. But the hits were a big part of it too.
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