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Moss is wishy-washy!


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Sep 12, 2002
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Look at these two excerpts from articles in the Herald:

Skolnick - Certainly the heat won't affect him, and he doesn't expect it to affect his teammates, no matter what the Dolphins say. In fact, he says ''sometimes it feels hotter up here,'' so much so that he wasn't used to it when he came up to camp from Miami.

le Batard quoting Moss - "I tell the guys here all the time when they complain about practice that they've got it easy compared to that sun in Miami."

Well!...sounds like the heat just might be a problem for his teammates, then. If Ricky runs well--and I believe he will--I'll be seeing that panting Jet's D dripping sweat with their hands on their hips. :D

May the skies be blue over TPFKAJRS (The Place Formerly Known As Joe Robbie Stadium).
Yeah,,he was just trying to fight the psyc thing in the 1st sentence..the 2nd quote is more accurate of what he really thinks..He knows the deal...and the Jets will too this Sunday.
All he is doing is trying to make his team not worry about the heat. It'll work, until they step onto the field. Then they will be thinking, "What was that crazy boy Santana saying, its freaking hot out here." I can't wait for Sunday......
here is my question - if it is nice and hot - how are the ladies at the game? Any hot female fans sporting bikinis??
Sorry it is off the topic but things are getting violent here:)
I hope the humidity is sky rocketing by game time..the heat + humidity will be a nice 12th and 13th man on the field..The NY Post keeps harping on the fact that it was 110 % humility in Buffalo for the 1st game and I said I've been in NY during their humidity and I've practice and played football in FL's humidity..I'd take NY's anyday..there's no relief in FL and there is in NY..
Here's hoping it gets so hot and muggy that it is hard for the jets to breath!

:monkey: Jets
The NY Post keeps harping on the fact that it was 110 % humility in Buffalo for the 1st game

As far as hot and humid conditions with two teams that aren't used to practicing and playing in the stuff going against each other in it...I call it a draw!

(I've never seen ANY humility in Buffalo. :lol: )
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