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Most players that are drafted do NOT work out!


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May 3, 2004
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I do not have exact figures but the average NFL career is 3 seasons. The average is dragged way down by players like John Avery, John Bosa, Erik Kumerow - all names conjoured up by a recent post of the worst players on this team. They probably were not the worst due to the fact that they never made it to the playing field. More to the point they were big dissappointments like SO many draftees.

Guys that do make it are often a surprise and came from no-where or were not expected to be NFL stars. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor are prime examples - so are Clayton and Duper - Marino was the 6th QB taken in the 83 draft -he was highly touted but was thought to be a gamble. Dixon was in the CFL. Warner in the Arena league. Priest Holmes, Droughns, Lamont Jordan, and a host of other star running backs were no names in college. Jimmy Johnson blew it on Randy Moss, and Jamar Fletcher was a Dolphin bust, but out of Wisconsin that same draft came Chris Chambers.

The draft is shaky and highly unreliable, even for Saban. So here is why I think we are better off if we keep Patrick.

1. Miami could not match Patrick's talent nor ability to make an immediate and lasting impact with a draft choice, unless we get lucky. And odds are against getting lucky. We may get a servicable or unservicable player. I would have thought it would make sense to trade Patrick for a top 10 offensive lineman, or a top running back, but to take a risk on some college kid who has NEVER played a down in the NFL seems to me to be a poor decision.

2. Money can ALWAYS be worked out. I have noticed that there are creative ways to work out of the economic problems, especially when you have mega bucks like Huizenga. A 50 million dollar contract to Patrick is simple interest Wayne makes on his savings account. I am aware that the "cap" problem goes beyond the size of Wayne's wallet - that said I know it can worked out with some creative moves.

3. Salary cap rules will most likely change in the next year or two. We need only a short term solution.

4. Beyond that I think you trade down and acquire as many 1st day choices as humanly possible and continually take the best available talent. I do believe this is Saban's StrategI. Then you are playing the odds. Seven choose four if you will. If you get 7 to 9 guys from the draft you might get 3 or 4 that can do something. Beyond that until proven otherwise all of these college players have not proven on one play once that they can play at the next level!
"I am aware that the "cap" problem goes beyond the size of Wayne's wallet - that said I know it can worked out with some creative moves."

You do?!?! Really!? You really know it can be worked out? GREAT!!!!!!! Call Nick and the boys and let them know. Why keep this information to yourself? I mean, they've only been working on this for about 5 months now.
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