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Most yards rushing in a single game and who holds the record


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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Most yards rushing in a single game in a season and who holds it...
I know it is Corey Dillon and he did it against the Broncos. I still remember that really well, and I think he had 277 yards.
Close iceblizzard but that's not the one ;)
Give it another shot ;) Hint: it was before 1980
I'll tell ya guys if you want to know :D
Flyin, im 99% sure that Corey Dillon broke the record for must rushing yards in a game last season. He did it against the Broncos, and it was the Bengals first win of the season. They made a huge deal out of it last season too on ESPN.
Everyone questions what I post but I heard it straight up on ESPN yesterday day..they said in the "Did you know segment" That OJ Simpson ran for 469 yds in 1973 against the Patriots..which is the record for the most rushing yds in a game against a opponent. Maybe they meant the most rushing yards against the New Engand franchise but they did not phrase it like that.They said that It was the most rushing yards in a single game in a season. So, you got me...That's what I heard and that's the answer.....
I think they probably meant both games.(they played twice) I know Payton had the record at 275(?), then Dillon boke it last year. That's what I thought.
Does seem kind of high doesn't it
No one has ever had 300 yards rushing in a game, thats yards against an opponent in a season. The record for rushing yards in a game is from Corey Dillon and it happened last year against the Broncos.
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