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from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (in Canada)
Jun 9, 2004
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I was at a local sports memorabelia store yesterday and they had a great selection of autgraphed jerseys, pictures, helmets, etc. but I don't know if the company is reputable or not. The company is Mounted Memories and with each autographed item you receive a little certification card that says the athlete personally signed it. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this company (ie: whether I can trust that the picture has actually been hand-signed or not). I would like to buy some of these items but don't want to buy a picture that some joe forged a signature onto.

I looked on the company website and it appears to be legit but as most people know it's not that hard to build a website so I'm looking for futher verification.

Does anyone know about this company???
Mounted Memories is partially owned by Dan Marino.

FinHeavenAJ does business with them in real life (at his real job).
thanks Muck. So that means that the Earl Campbell picture I bought was actually hand-signed by him in person? I got it for $85 Canadian (probably about $70 American). Is this a good price for an autographed 8 x 10 picture?
Mounted Memories is as reputable as they come. I've done autograph deals with them in the past with some of my players, and they've dealt with most of the top athletes around. Their prices aren't the cheapest, but what you're getting is legit.
The key is looking for the "MARINO" hologram on all his signed merchandise.

#1 means what your buying is legit.
#2 a large portion of the proceedes go to the Dan Marino Fundation.

With that bing said everything I have bought with Dan's signature has been from Mounted Memories.
Ok, whatever you want to know about Mounted I can answer for you well, because I work there. I am a sales rep. All our stuff is definately legit. Ive been there for almost a year now and have seen Danny probably about 5-6 times. He even signed a mini helmet for me :-) What Brett said is true. Not all of our stuff is the cheapest around, but your getting peace of mind. Put it this way... there is only 4 companies out there I would feel safe with their COA... Mounted Memories, Steiner Sports, Tri Star, and UDA (upper deck authentics). In fact if anyone has any questions about wanting to buy something, IM me at Seminole51 on AIM/AOL. Ill be happy to talk to you. And Ill give you a good, deal, im not going to rip off fellow Fin Fans. :)
Mounted is top of the line. I am the Area Sales Manager for Field of Dreams in South Florida (Boca, Sawgrass Mills & PGA Stores) also connected to Mounted Memories. All of Mounted Memories product is hand signed by the athletes in front of the company. And if you're looking for the best in Marino, it's ONLY Mounted Memories.
thanks everybody for everything. I now have total peace of mind with my purchase and I know that I'll be buying a lot more from this company in the future (especially since my sports hero Marino is involved in it).
I can support what has been said here. I assist my nephew who deals in high end auctions. Mostly baseball. He does consignment with Hunt, Mastronet, and Grey Flannel etc. He knows I am big time into football and he and I attend shows all the time.

Mounted Memories is as good as gold.

Good choice and congratulations on your purchase.
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